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Welcome to the Technical Faculty #

If you are reading this, you are probably about to start your master’s program in the Summerterm 2024 at TF-Freiburg.
If that is the case, here is the right place to get informed.

We are the student council - basically a group students who try to make your life easiser in our free time.

We’ve got some nice events planned, in order for you to connect with your peers.

TimeMonday 08.04.Tuesday 09.04.Wednesday 10.04.Thursday 11.04.Friday 12.04.Saturday 13.04.
12:00-13:00Introduction MST
14:00-16:00General introductionIntroduction ESEIntroduction INFOAll fun and games
eveningBonfireBBQPub CrawlBoardgame EveningChess Evening

All of the introductory events are organized by some nice people from the administration.
You can find all information about their events here 

For more information on our events, go here

After the Freshman week #

To ease you into the serious study life, we’ve got two more events for you.

TimeMonday 15.04.Thursday 18.04.
18:15-20:00First Students Council MeetingBoardgame Evening

After that, you’ll be more or less on your own. But if you experience any trouble, you can of course always contact us.

We look forward to seeing you :)

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