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Internationals #

Evening activities for new students by the Fachschaft #

Welcome to the Faculty of Engineering. We are the student council, responsible for making your voice heard among university staff. But more importantly: We are the ones to contact, when you have problems you don’t seem to be able to solve for yourself.

Join us and german first semester students for a range of evening activities which take place in October. Please write to erstiorga@fachschaft.tf.uni-freiburg.de if you want to participate.

Please note that the program is mainly designed for the 300 to 400 new Bachelor students coming to Freiburg. Not all of them are proficient in English, yet. Thus, communication issues might occur.

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Who are we? #

Please see What is Fachschaft? for more information about ourselves.

What we do #

We organize various events for the students of the Faculty of Engineering. Moreover we represent the students’ interests in various commissions at the Faculty of Engineering and the University of Freiburg.

Get involved #

You have ideas, suggestions or want to get involved? Write us an email to fs@fachschaft.tf

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